paradis nocturnes

Regatino Show

soirée regatino misaina paradis nocturnes


Date: June 13th - 7pm

Location: Chateau Paradis

Price: €8 - includes a glass of wine from the Domaine



Tel: 04 42 54 09 43

Discover Misaina, the group that enlivens evenings with a mosaic of sounds from around the world. Their "Regatino," a unique fusion of Latin rhythms and reggae, is enhanced with jazz, soul, and a touch of gypsy, for a musical experience as rich as it is intimate. Engaging and vibrant, Misaina's members whisk you away into a whirlwind of life, love, and rebellion, carried by the intensity of a singing violin and dancing words. Let yourself be captivated by their passion.




On-site dining:

Embark on an exhilarating culinary journey with the BepViet foodtruck, featuring Vietnamese flavors. From steaming bowls of phở to delicious spring rolls, each bite is an explosion of authentic flavors, prepared with passion and freshness.

Accepted payment methods: Credit card and cash