paradis classique

Classical Concert

Paradis Classique

Thursday, May 30th at 7:00 pm Château Paradis Estate €8 - includes a tasting glass of wine from our Estate

Come celebrate renewal and cultural richness in the heart of our vineyard at our "Classic Paradise" evening, an event that merges our passion for winemaking excellence and our love for music.



Evening Program

7:00 pm: Welcome to our estate, where you'll be greeted in an environment that celebrates the beauty and biodiversity of Provence. 8:00 pm: Classical music concert featuring a remarkable string trio composed of local talents from IESM, showcasing our commitment to culture and art: Violin: Cécilia Veran Viola: Metelyn Curtis Cello: Valentine Lalande Mobile catering: "Camioléon in Pertuis" – Discover their homemade dishes highlighting seasonal produce!

Wine Discovery: Our "Terre des Anges" range will be showcased, allowing you to savor all the nuances of this gourmet cuvée.


About Muses & Co

Founded by students of IESM, the Institute of Higher Education in Europe Mediterranean Music in Aix-en-Provence, Muses & Co is a dynamic association that supports young musical talents. IESM offers high-level music education, accredited by the Ministry of Culture and Communication, providing professional diplomas and enriching pedagogical opportunities. Our collaborations with Muses & Co illustrate our commitment to enriching local culture and supporting the musical careers of young performers and teachers.

Join us for an evening to savor all the riches of life that awaken our senses!