The Gourmet Paradise

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Saturday May 11th

The Gourmet Paradise

Food and wine pairing workshop
11am to 1pm
On registration – 18€/persons

Are you a wine lover and a gourmet?
This workshop is made for you!

After a stroll in our vineyards and a guided visit of our cellar, you will taste our Château Paradis cuvees in white, rosé and red and Terre des Anges in white, rosé and red accompanied by a lunch cocktail. During this lunch, each wine will be associated with a dish. We will give you explanations to better understand these associations but also advice on how to match wines with a dish. On the menu: individual sandwiches (gorgonzola cream, pear & nuts…), salted verrines (zucchini confit, bush, honey & fresh mint…) and sweet delicacies…!

Come and discover different sensations and perceptions and enjoy a moment of conviviality and delicacy!

Go to the estate!

For more information & booking
send an email to
or by phone at 04 42 54 54 09 43