Picnic of the Independent Winegrowers

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Saturday June 8th

Picnic of the Independent Winegrowers

Free admission from 11am to 7pm
Winegrower’s snack bar – on reservation
Guided tour of the estate with puzzle game at 11am, 2pm and 4pm

In an exceptional setting, come and live a unique experience in our field!

Go on an adventure in our vineyards with our guide. You will enjoy a guided stroll through the vineyard in the heart of our winegrower’s trail and learn more about our vines, our grape varieties, the culture and work of the winegrower throughout the year. Puzzles will be asked throughout the course and for each correct answer you will receive a reward! We will then have a tasting of our wines in our shop.

At noon bring your picnic, or book your winegrower’s snack, we will have lunch on the heights of our vineyard to admire this incredible landscape. A glass of wine will be offered to you.

Afterwards, you can also discover one of our oenological workshops in a friendly and fun way. Analyze three grape varieties in a theoretical way: history, colours, characteristics, grape variety cultivation, geographical location and harvesting method.

Then it’s up to you! Taste our mono-varietal wines blindly and try to recognize them.

Children can have fun on our treasure hunt or participate in a drawing workshop!

Go to the estate!

For more information 
send an email to communication@chateauparadis.com
or by phone at 04 42 54 54 09 43