Paradis Expose : Baptiste Chave

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Saturday June 17th
Paradis exhibits
Baptiste Chave, painter and ceramist
Opening at 6 pm - on reservation
A graduate of the Beaux-Arts in Saint Etienne, Baptiste Chave drew his inspiration from different currents in French and international painting during his stays in Greece, Mexico and Germany. But the very essence of his art is based on the human being and his quest for the absolute.
His canvases celebrate nature, green plants, lush vegetation and intimate, sensitive landscapes.
Baptiste Chave masters several techniques: watercolor, gouache, acrylic and colorful oils. On paper, or on canvas in multiple formats, he captures all the vivacity of the world around him that he loves.
"I have a weakness for the hillsides of Aix", admits the artist. So what could be more natural than for him to exhibit at Château Paradis?
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Tel : 04 42 54 09 43