Bicycle Paradise

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Saturday May 18th

Bicycle Paradise

11am to 3pm
On registration – adults & children
With bike rental: 20€ for adults – We do not have a bike for children
With your own bike: 12€ for adults – free for children (limited to 8 children)

Discover our vineyard and its surroundings by bicycle! In an exceptional setting, this guided tour offers you an immersion in the world of vines and wine. Throughout the tour, we will give you explanations to recognize our different grape varieties and better understand the vine cycle. You will also discover unusual places in our rural heritage. Don’t forget to bring your picnic, we will have lunch in the vineyards while tasting the wines of the estate. In the afternoon, you can visit our cellar or continue your walk in our vineyard.

A tasty route not to be missed!

Go to the estate!

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