Paradis Nature, Bien Être

[ E V E N T ]

Saturday April 22nd

Discover the wine trail in a different way!

From 3pm to 6pm

By reservation: 12€ per adult – 20€ per two people

(This activity can be done with a minimum of 10 people)

We will take you on a walk along the winegrower's path, in the heart of our vineyards. Let our wellness specialists guide you for a “resourcing” walk.

2 possible activities: Gi gong or Yoga

The principle of Qi Gong is to recognise and master the "Qi", the vital energy, which is a reference in Chinese medicine. Thanks to Qi Gong, one can find this energy through the body. The extreme slowness of the movements makes it possible to detect blockages and to feel the energy.

The principle of yoga is to release psychophysical tensions accumulated in the chakras through exercises that combine gentle gymnastics, meditation, breathing and posture. This release promotes the union of body and mind as well as the health of the practitioner.

Letting go, connection to oneself... and to nature are the key words of this session.

And always on a note of pleasure, a wine tasting will be offered!

See you at 3pm at Chateau Paradis


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or by phone at 04 42 54 09 43